AASG @ SYDNEY: Life in the Anthropocene

The 5th AASG conference was hosted by HARN (Human Animal Research Network) at the University of Sydney in July 2013.

The conference was a great success with nearly 200 people in attendance. The writers event & art exhibition were also extremely well received.

The theme of the conference was:


The Anthropocene describes a period of geological time dominated by homo sapiens and marked by the significant impact of human activity on the planet. At a time when the natural world is ever more subject to human intervention, interspecies relations face many challenges. If the cultural and scientific moment of the Anthropocene puts ‘us’ in our place, then it is time to reconsider our place with them, the other animals.

Keynote Speakers were:

Prof Adrian Franklin

Prof Paul McGreevy,

Dr Siobhan O’Sullivan,

Assoc Prof Kate Rigby,

Prof Peter Sankoff,

Assoc Prof Claire Kim.

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